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the owner

So, who is Little Ditsy? Well, I’m one of those ladies in their 40s, with children, one of which happens to be my teenage daughter. Now, no one told me about the quandaries you face when 40 plus and teenage daughters coincide. She stands before me tall and slim with beautiful legs that go up to her armpits and hair to die for. Then there’s me, slightly challenged on the height front with some wobbly bits that seemed to appear over night and lines of distinction appearing on my face, but still feeling like I’m 20 and most
certainly not ready for tweed, twinsets and sturdy shoes.

My daughter and I have always gone shopping together. It was great when she was younger. I’d do all the well known high street stores and she’d do all of the children’s stores. Then she reached a size 8 and suddenly the world of fashion opened up its doors and sucked her right in. That was when the true quandary began!! How could I buy clothes from the same stores as her without looking like I was trying too hard? After a few glasses of wine and a chat with “the girls”, I realised that I had to face the facts; it was time to shop elsewhere. But where? I didn’t feel old enough to shop where mums shopped and I didn’t want to pay high prices for clothes either. I dabbled with a few looks that my daughter wouldn’t choose, from Preppy to Boho, but I still wasn’t there. I’d lost my identity.

From there came the birth of Little Ditsy. I’d always wanted to do something like this, but had never had the courage. As my job became more and more stressful, I lost myself in the world of fabrics and fashion. Somehow, making things took the stress away and filled my head with happy childhood memories. As one of four girls, our house had always been scattered with fabrics and yarns, as we made jumpers, skirts and dresses for ourselves. So, one day, in the middle of sewing a patchwork cushion, I had that moment of clarity. I knew it was a “now or never” moment. With that, I handed in my notice and Little Ditsy started to grow. At last, I felt alive, like I’d woken up something inside that had lain dormant within me for years.

Since then, it’s been visits to London, Leeds and trade shows to choose beautiful clothing collections, trip after trip to fabric shops, a few business/sewing courses and here I am. I have a collection that I am truly proud of, the teenage daughter/40 plus quandary is solved and I’ve found my identity. I HAVE FINALLY ARRIVED!!

And as for my daughter, well, we still go shopping together, but now, I’m the one who sits outside the changing room and gives my advice, and she has even asked to borrow my clothes!!

made with love